All 3 Elizabeths products go on sale Q2 2024! Stay tuned :)
The Original Sous-Vide


Our sous-vide cooking method means ultra-tender, flavor-infused beef jerky that is keto-friendly, protein-rich, low sodium, and gluten-free... and in uniquely irresistible flavors!


Available Q2 2024!

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Real. Simple.

We take health and wellness very, very seriously. ALL of our ingredients are REAL. No chemicals, additives, preservatives... etc. If you can't grow it in a garden or on a farm, we don't use it.


Customer Reviews

Absolutely INCREDIBLE flavors!

Ate Everything Bagel, Cinnamon Vanilla Latte Almonds

I had the luxury of being a part of the taste test group for the final 3 Elizabeths almond flavors and I have NEVER tasted anything like these flavors in an almond! These are going to shake up the almond world... must try!

Ted Arneson

Stunningly good Jerky

Ate Savory Smoke, Carne Asada Beef Jerky

The Savory Smoke is out of this world and hard to describe. It's warm, smoky, has a little bit of that spiced goodness... an incredible bite of tender beef! The Carne Asada are just as described— they taste like the classic taco... somehow all packed into a piece of soft beef jerky!

Nouman Faruq

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