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Our Mission

3 Elizabeths was founded by— you guessed it— three women all named Elizabeth. In addition to a common name, they share a common goal:

To provide consumers a healthy snack alternative without the need for a PhD in chemistry to understand what they are eating.

Real Ingredients Only

At 3 Elizabeths, you will NEVER find us using "ingredients" that were created in a lab. We believe that good health comes from eating real food, and real food is all you'll ever find in our bags.

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Absolutely Unique Flavors

Healthy food is great, but often times healthy foods don't taste as great as they could. We've made it our mission to provide a healthy snack alternative with addictive, one-of-a-kind flavors. We promise you this— you've never had jerkies that taste like this (and are good for you!)

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A Sidari Artisan Brands Company

3 Elizabeths is a proud member of the Sidari Artisan Brands family of companies. Sidari Brands empowers artisanal entrepreneurs and brings national distribution and opportunity to small businesses and local brands.

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